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Here’s How You Can Watch The Libertarian Party Debate On The Blaze

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Here's How You Can Watch The Libertarian Party Debate On The Blaze

The last Libertarian Party debate of 2016 took place only ten days before the national convention in Orlando. The debate featured Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen and was hosted by Penn Jillette in Las Vegas on May 16th. It was filmed by Glenn Beck’s television channel TheBlaze and will be aired nationwide on their cable channel over the weekend. The first showing will be on Friday May 20th at 5 PM and 11 PM EST, followed by the same times on Saturday. A final showing of the Libertarian Party debate will take place at 8 PM and 11 PM on Sunday.

TheBlaze Libertarian Party debate was quite the show when viewed live in Las Vegas. Penn Jillette was a fantastic moderator and his ability to bring in celebrity questions really raised the bar. Each of the candidates hit their stride on different questions and made great impressions. There was of course another fracas between Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson like the one during the Stossel debate once again. Other than that, Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee all did well explaining their positions and were great ambassadors for the Libertarian Party. Hopefully TheBlaze audience will be receptive to their message.

Glenn Beck has been hyping the debate on his nationally syndicated radio program all week. He’s interviewed Gary Johnson and John McAfee on his program as well to cover some additional bases that may have been left out of the debate in Las Vegas. Judging by his openness to the Libertarian Party so far it wouldn’t be too surprising if he ended up supporting the Presidential nominee this fall. Beck was one of the first #NeverTrump supporters and has remained firm despite others falling out. Having him as an ally this year would immeasurably increase our chances.

Libertarians wanting to watch the debate need not worry. TheBlaze is available nationwide on various channels depending on your cable provider. You can check your local listings here. If you’re already a subscriber you can watch all their shows online as well. In fact, they’re also offering a one month trial subscription for just $1 right now.

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