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Our Fifth Libertarian Party Poll Was Almost A Tie Between Gary Johnson And Austin Petersen

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Our Fifth Libertarian Party Poll Was Almost A Tie Between Gary Johnson And Austin Petersen

As if our fourth Libertarian Party poll wasn’t shocking enough now we have a fifth to confirm those trends. Our fifth poll had more more than three times the votes that our fourth poll did so there’s an added level of accuracy this time as well. Our fifth poll makes it look like we’re going in to the last few weeks before the Libertarian Party National Convention and it’s anyone’s game. It certainly isn’t the race that it was a few weeks ago. It looks like narrowing the poll to only include Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee has had some pretty dramatic effects. Our fifth Libertarian Party poll was almost a tie between Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen.

As you can see, Gary Johnson did not recover from his precipitous fall in support from our third to fourth polls. While he did not see the same ten point drop, Johnson took another three point hit and slid below 40% for the first time. Gary Johnson still managed to win the poll but only by the skin of his teeth. It was not the resounding victory that he’s normally seen in state Libertarian Party delegates straw polls. Gary Johnson currently sits at 37.9% support which is several points below his average of 43.96%.

Austin Petersen shot up eight points to almost win our fifth Libertarian Party poll. That’s the second largest jump in support that he’s seen since his massive jump from our second to third poll. It looks like he’s consolidated much of the vote from the other lower ranking candidates. Marc Allan Feldman even commented and instructed his supporters to vote for Austin in this poll. Austin Petersen managed to come away with 37.5% which is only 0.4% less than Gary Johnson. It’s Petersen’s strongest second place finish yet and much higher than his average of 31.3%.

Finally, in third place we once again find John McAfee. Although, McAfee made some major gains this time around. He proved that his showing in our last poll was not a fluke and even improved by a few points. John McAfee captured 24.6% of the vote which is almost ten points higher than his average of 15.84%. He’s clearly on an upward trajectory, although he still has a ways to go before getting into second place.

If Austin Petersen or John McAfee hope to continue increasing their support there is a very limited window for them to do so. Gary Johnson also has a short period of time to stop the bleeding and regain the lead that he had just a few weeks ago. The Libertarian Party National Convention starts on May 27th.

Our sixth Libertarian Party poll is now live and you can vote in it here.

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