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Two Super PACs Have Formed To Start Supporting Gary Johnson

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Two Super PACs Just Announced They'll Be Supporting Gary Johnson

It’s only been a couple days since Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were officially nominated for President but they’re already receiving massive support. They’ve been on a non-stop media blitz that has been making waves across the country and within the political establishment. The Governor Ticket has also drawn the attention of those in the donor community who were sitting out this election because they weren’t interested in Trump or Hillary. In less than forty eight hours two Super PACs have announced they’ll be supporting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for President. And there will certainly be more to follow.

One of the Super PACs formed to support Gary Johnson’s bid for the Presidency is one you may have already heard of. Purple PAC, which is headed by Ed Crane of the CATO Institute, has announced that they will be reforming to support the ticket. That PAC previously raised $3 million in support of Rand Paul’s run in the Republican primary but did not end up spending much of it because he dropped out so early. The PAC was also disappointed with Paul’s heavy tack toward the Republican party line on various policy issues. They won’t have any of those concerns with Gary Johnson though. His libertarian bonafides are solidly supported.

The second Super PAC will be an entirely new entity. Matt Kibbe, formerly of FreedomWorks, has announced the formation of the “AlternativePAC” which will also be supporting Johnson/Weld 2016. Previously, Kibbe was at the head of another Super PAC that has supported Rand Paul called Concerned American Voters.

These are just two of the recently announced Super PACs supporting Gary Johnson. There are surely many more in formation now. This is a good sign that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will be able to compete on the same level with the other two candidates which already have dozens of major Super PACs on their side.

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