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Trump Considering Former Libertarian Party Candidate For Sec. Of Education

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Although many of people involved in the Trump transition team terrify libertarians, a few rays of sunshine have escaped the dark abyss. One of which is the man heading the President-elect’s transition team for the Department of Education. That man is none other than Williamson Evers, a former Libertarian Party Congressional candidate and member of the National Committee. It is also being reported that Evers is the top pick for Secretary of Education. While the Libertarian Party might not have won the Presidency, this is a pretty fair consolation prize.

In 1980 Williamson Evers ran for Congress in California’s 12th District as a Libertarian Party candidate and received 8% of the vote. After the election, he went on to run David Bergland’s campaign for President in 1984. Evers was even a member of the Libertarian Party National Committee up until 1996. Following that, he became involved with the Republican party and advised the Bush and McCain campaigns. Following various positions in the Bush White House, and the Hoover Institute, Evers ended up being nominated for Assistant Secretary of Education by President Bush; a position he held for two years

It’s nice to know that at least one Federal department might see some downsizing during the Trump Presidency. While he’s frequently mentioned cutting taxes, Trump hasn’t spoken much about cutting spending. The two have to go together if we’re ever going to close the deficit and balance the budget. Appointing someone like Williamson Evers as Secretary of Education could go a long way towards accomplishing that goal. Although it is one of the smallest departments overall, the ED still has an annual budget of $73 billion. That’s approximately 12% of the current budget deficit. There are also nearly 5,000 employees currently employed by the department.

If nominated for Secretary, Williamson Evers could oversee a massive reduction in the size of the Department of Education. As a former member of the Libertarian Party’s Radical Caucus, his views on the ED are likely in line with many libertarians: it shouldn’t exist. While that goal won’t be able to be accomplished without an act of Congress, the department could still see reform under Evers’ tenure. Of course, Republicans would have to play along and pass legislation that would cut the department’s spending. That could happen though. Many Republicans still hold to Reagan’s unfulfilled campaign promise to abolish the ED.

If Williamson Evers is nominated to be Secretary of Education by President Trump, and approved by the Senate, he could become the first former Libertarian Party member to hold a Cabinet position. If that fact becomes well-known, it could greatly help libertarians gain popular recognition.

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