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The Libertarian Party Just Got A Serious Fundraising Boost

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The Libertarian Party Just Got A Serious Fundraising Boost

Fundraising is one of the largest obstacles to the Libertarian Party’s success. Libertarians aren’t willing to perform political favors like the Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, corporations and lobbyists have no reason to fundraise for us and libertarians are relegated to asking for donations from the people. Unfortunately, campaign finance restrictions have placed the cap on individual contributions to campaigns to only $2,700. This might not be a problem much longer though. The Libertarian Party just got a serious fundraising boost thanks to the Gary Johnson campaign.

One way to get around these restrictions is to form Joint Fundraising Committees with state parties. The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign just announced they had formed one of these committees with more than a dozen state Libertarian Parties. The Gary Johnson Victory Fund will allow individuals to give more than the $2,700 limit to this committee. In fact, they can donate up to $80,000 a piece. That’s a major difference. The money is then split between the state parties and Johnson campaign.

May 25, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT —  Recognizing the growing popularity of Governor Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign, and the new power Joint Fundraising Committees as demonstrated by the Hillary Victory Fund, Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign yesterday filed a new Joint Fundraising Committee with the Federal Election Commission, the Gary Johnson Victory Fund.

For months now Hillary Clinton and other major candidates have used Joint Fundraising Committees to accept five figure donations from individuals.  This is the kind of serious money which helps a candidate raise name recognition and boost polling numbers.

The Gary Johnson Victory Fund can now raise Governor Gary Johnson’s name recognition to earn the 15% polling numbers required to enter the debates. 

In partnership with a growing list of state Libertarian Parties,* the Gary Johnson Victory Fund can receive checks up to $80,000.The Gary Johnson Victory Fund (http://www.johnsonvictoryfund.com/) presents a monumental step for a third party, entering the big leagues in campaign finance.  The Gary Johnson Victory Fund creates the infrastructure for those dissatisfied with the choices of Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton to invest significant personal funds to boost the Governor Gary Johnson’s Libertarian alternative.

* State Libertarian Party participants include Alabama, Alaska, California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Check back to see new states as they join.

The candidate most prepared to take charge of this effort is Bill Weld. He’s fundraised for multiple state and national campaigns in the past and has experience that will prove priceless. His ability to connect with the power players who write these five figure checks can not be overvalued.

This announcement further solidifies the Gary Johnson campaign’s commitment to the Libertarian Party. The Gary Johnson Victory Fund will allow the campaign to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for state parties that they’ve never had before. It’s the fundraising boost that the Libertarian Party has been waiting for to become a true major party equal to the other two.

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