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The Electoral College Exists To Protect Us From People Like Trump & Clinton

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The President is not elected by popular vote in the United States. Instead, our Electoral College system mandates that we elect slates of Presidential Electors who vote for certain candidates. It’s similar to the way that we elect representatives to Congress. We choose Presidential Electors, like Congressmen, to make decisions for us. In both cases, our representatives occasionally need to make votes that contradict the misguided will of the people. The Electoral College was specifically designed with this fail safe in place. Now is the time for that escape hatch to be used. Corrupt political parties have given the people two wholly disqualified Presidential candidates. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would endanger our Republic. It is the duty of our Presidential Electors to save us from them.

There is a perfectly legal way for these electors to rescue our country from certain destruction. In twenty one states there are no laws preventing a Presidential Elector from voting for a candidate other than the one to which they were assigned. Republican electors in Texas, and Democrat electors in New York, have nothing legally requiring their them to vote for Trump or Clinton, respectively. Those Presidential Electors could legally vote for someone else for President. If this happened in just a few states, it could keep both candidates from reaching the critical 270 Electoral College vote threshold. Then the election would fall to the House whose state delegations would decide among the top three finishers.

Again, this is perfectly legal. In fact, there were no laws against faithless electors in most states until the late 20th century. In the 19th and early 20th century it wasn’t unheard of for entire state delegations of electors to refuse to vote for a certain Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate nor was it discouraged. Instead, electors were able to choose to vote against their designated candidate if they felt they needed to. The need has never been greater than it is this year. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s crimes are innumerable. They would each abuse the power of the Presidency to no end.

The two corrupt authoritarians must be stopped and the Constitution has provided a way to do so. The Electoral College system offers our country a way out. When the Presidential Electors meet on December 19th they must choose not to vote for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Instead, they should choose to select an honest, moderate candidate that will bring the country together.

Such a compromise candidate exists and will be on the ballot in all fifty states this year: Governor Gary Johnson. As a Republican Governor of a heavily Democratic state, Johnson is the perfect solution. Both sides can find something they like in his platform. Republican electors will appreciate his plans to balance the budget, and Democrat electors can agree with his socially tolerant stances. Most importantly, Gary Johnson has never been accused of any of the crimes that Trump and Clinton are clearly guilty of. He will respect the Constitutional limits on his office and work with both sides of the aisle.

Presidential Electors are the last line of defense our Republic has to offer. Only they can prevent its downfall under an authoritarian Trump or Clinton regime. It is their responsibility to act in the best interests of the people and disregard the candidate they are supposed to vote for. It is their duty to elect someone worthy of the office who will unite the country again. Presidential Electors should choose to vote for Gary Johnson. It’s the right thing to do for the country.

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