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Ron Paul Has Four Major Policies He Wants Enacted Under President Trump

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Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign is finally over. The people who voted for Trump are going to start expecting results. He made dozens of day one promises and even more commitments to take action within the first hundred days. As President, he’ll have to actually start “making America great again”. It won’t take long to find out whether or not that catch phrase is simply another version of Hope & Change. It will be a test for everyone in the new administration who will be doing the actual governing. Luckily enough for President Trump, Ron Paul has already written out four major policy prescriptions that will help the incoming administration accomplish their goals.

  1. Audit the Fed….and then end it

    The Federal Reserve Bank’s easy money polices have eroded the American people’s standard of living and facilitated the growth of the welfare-warfare state. The Fed is also responsible for the growth in income inequality. Yet Congress still refuses to pass Audit the Fed, much less end it.

    During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump promised that Audit the Fed would be part of his first 100 days agenda. Unfortunately, he has not spoken of auditing the Fed or another aspect of monetary policy since the election. President-elect Trump should keep his promise and work with Congress to pass Audit the Fed and finally let the American people know the truth about the Fed’s conduct of monetary policy. Then, of course, end the Fed.

  2. Bring the troops home

    President Barack Obama has not only failed to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, he has further destabilized the Middle East with reckless interventions in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. The Obama administration has also brought us to the brink of a new Cold War.

    President-elect Trump has criticized the 2003 Iraq war and promised to end nation-building. However, he has also made hawkish statements such as his recent endorsement of increased U.S. military intervention in Syria and has appointed several hawks to key foreign policy positions. President-elect Trump also supported increasing the Pentagon’s already bloated budget.

    America cannot afford to continue wasting trillions of dollars in a futile effort to act as the world’s policeman. Rejecting the neocon polices of nation-building and spreading democracy by force of arms is a good start. However, if Donald Trump is serious about charting a new course in foreign policy, his first act as president should be to withdraw US troops from around the globe. He should also veto any budget that does not drastically cut spending on militarism.

  3. Repeal ObamaCare

    ObamaCare has raised healthcare costs for millions of Americans while denying them access to the providers of their choice. Public dissatisfaction with ObamaCare played a major role in Donald Trump’s election.

    Unfortunately, since the election president-elect Trump and the Republican Congress have talked about retaining key parts of Obamacare! While it is reasonable to have a transition to a new healthcare system, Congress must avoid the temptation to replace ObamaCare with “ObamaCare lite.” Congress must pass, and President Trump must sign, a true free-market health care plan that restores control over healthcare to individuals.

  4. Cut Taxes and Spending

    President-elect Trump and Congressional leadership both favor tax reform. However, some leading Republicans have recently said they will not support any tax reform plan that is not “revenue neutral.” A true pro-liberty tax reform would reduce government revenue by eliminating the income tax. Fiscal hawks concerned with increasing federal deficits should stop trying to increase tax revenues and join with supporters of limited government to drastically cut federal spending. Congress should prioritize ending corporate welfare, reducing military spending, and shutting down unconstitutional federal agencies like the Department of Education.

The best part about the four policies that Ron Paul has put forward is that most of them are campaign promises that President Trump already made at some point during the campaign. They’re obligations that the administration will have to take seriously in order to not squander the little political capital they have. Hopefully these prescriptions from Ron Paul will make their way into President Trump’s legislative agenda. They’re surefire ways to Make America Great Again.

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