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Poll Shows Gary Johnson Taking More Support From Clinton Than Trump

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National Poll Shows Gary Johnson Taking More Support From Clinton Than Trump

For some reason Republicans assume that libertarians would vote for them over the Democrats. They don’t realize that it’s been proven time and again that libertarians take evenly from both sides in most circumstances. In fact, there’s also evidence that some Libertarian candidates take more support from Democrats than Republicans. That’s the present case with Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. A new national poll from Public Policy Polling shows Gary Johnson taking more support from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

Once again, Donald Trump supporters have been proven wrong on one of their baseless assumptions. The poll, which was conducted after the Republican nomination was ceded to Trump, found that Gary Johnson would receive 4% support in the general election. That is much lower than the previous Monmouth poll that found him at 11% support nationwide. Although, perhaps it has something to do with PPP including Green Party candidate Jill Stein as well. The Monmouth poll did not include her candidacy and put up Gary Johnson as the only third choice. Stein received 2% support in the PPP poll.

Although Gary Johnson received less support in this PPP poll it does confirm one of the findings from the Monmouth poll. In both polls Gary Johnson is taking more support from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. That’s contrary to the conservative media claim that libertarians are just disaffected Republicans who belong in their party. These polls show the exact opposite of what Donald Trump supporters keep mindlessly spewing. These polls show that libertarians can just as likely be ex-Democrats as they can be ex-Republicans.

Since that is apparently the case, perhaps Republicans should be encouraging Gary Johnson to run. After all, he takes more support from Hillary Clinton in the general election. They should be begging for him to run if it helps their candidate. Although, Gary Johnson’s inclusion is still not enough to overcome the spread between her and Trump. Clinton still wins the election by several points – even with Jill Stein in the poll too. There’s just no way for Donald Trump to win.

This is only the second national poll to include Gary Johnson this year. It may be too early to establish whether Gary Johnson takes more support from Hillary or Trump for certain. It’s certainly too soon to accurately gauge his support. Hopefully polling firms will continue to include Libertarian candidates so we can find out.

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