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LNC Chair Rebukes Sore Loser Darryl Perry’s “Rogue” Write-In Campaign

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If you’re a longtime reader of this site you may remember Darryl Perry from when we caught him cheating in our online polls of the Libertarian Party primary race. He was caught purchasing votes in our online polls and so we excluded him from future polls and coverage. Well, it looks like the delusional sore loser is back with a crazy attempt to get more than fifty two people to vote for him. No, really, only fifty two people voted for him on the second ballot at the National Convention this year. Nonetheless, Darryl Perry recently announced a write-in campaign for President – or so we can infer from this statement from Nick Sarwark, Chairman Libertarian Party.

We have to infer that Darryl Perry is running a campaign for President because, like with everything he does, nobody really cares enough to report on it. We debated even bothering to write an article on this announcement given his non-existent campaign but decided to just for old time’s sake. Here’s the statement:

Darryl W. Perry recently announced a write-in campaign for President. Mr. Perry sought the Libertarian nomination for President at the national convention in Orlando, Florida over Memorial Day weekend. He received 6.8% of the delegate votes on the first ballot, and 5.6% of the delegate votes on the second ballot.

Governor Gary Johnson was nominated on the second ballot with 55.8% of the delegate votes. The Libertarian National Committee is committed to fully supporting the nominee of the delegates at convention and will continue to do so with all available resources.

Mr. Perry remains a life member of the Libertarian Party and was recently elected state chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. The LNC has no authority over the election of state party officers nor over the actions of state officers who choose to run rogue write-in campaigns.

Nicholas Sarwark
Chairman, Libertarian National Commitee

As you can see, the national Libertarian Party simply has no control over state parties. State and local Libertarian parties are free to elect lunatics to their leadership and face no repercussions. While national party officials can condemn idiotic write-in campaigns that make libertarians look like petulant children, there’s nothing they can do to stop them. Darryl Perry’s write-in campaign for President marches on hoping to get to fifty three votes by election day.

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