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Karl Rove Names The Libertarian Party The Only Option For #NeverTrump And #NeverClinton

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David French officially declared that he was not running for President hours after Karl Rove appeared on FOX News Sunday. That development does not take away from any of the arguments that Karl Rove made during this appearance though. French’s candidacy would have been completely irrelevant as would any independent candidate that would try to run for President without ballot access. While Rove is wrong on pretty much every political issue that comes to mind he is right on the one thing he mentions here. The Libertarian Party ticket is the only option for those claiming #NeverTrump and #NeverClinton banners. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the candidates that will provide independents with a viable choice this November.

Conservatives simply spent too much time flirting with the idea of creating a new party and running an independent candidate against Donald Trump. The deadlines to get on the ballot in thirty states have already passed. There’s no way that you can be taken seriously as a real option if you aren’t even on a majority of state ballots. This is not to say that French would ever have been taken seriously to begin with though. Rove was also right to point out that especially for conservatives not being on Texas’ ballot is a major disqualifier.

As a result of their last ditch effort to recruit a third party candidate failing, the neocons may be starting to come around to their absolute last resort. The fact that considering the dual two-term Governor ticket comes after a staff writer for the National Review provides all the context you need. Nonetheless, Karl Rove mentioned the Libertarian Party as the alternative for #NeverTrump conservatives and #NeverClinton liberals. If Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are a legitimate third choice for him that speaks volumes to where the rest of Republicans are. He was quite possibly the last person who would ever mention the Libertarian Party.

It’s clear now that Republicans have a legitimate alternative choice with The Governor Ticket. Even those neocons who never thought they would ever vote for the Libertarian Party are coming around to the realization that it’s their only choice this November. While their reluctance is nothing to be proud of, we do now have the small consolation that we are their only option.

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