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Hillary Clinton Is Still In Complete And Total Denial About Why She Lost

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It’s been six months since the presidential election and Hillary Clinton is no closer to accepting why she lost than she was on election night. During a recent interview, she blamed misogyny, the FBI, Russia, and Wikileaks for the her campaign’s failures. She even went so far as to say that if the election were held on October 27th she would have won. This proves Hillary Clinton is still in complete and total denial about her shortcomings as a candidate. She lost because she represents everything voters have come to despise about Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton will never come to terms with that.

Republicans can rest assured that they’ll continue to win election after election as long as Hillary Clinton is in charge of the Democratic Party. The DNC reportedly did an audit on why they lost the presidential election but they haven’t publicized it. It’s kept under lock and key while they publicly blame everyone but themselves. Six months later they still haven’t explained how Russia “hacked” the election. Although, their understanding of hacking is probably as good as the average Hollywood producer. Hillary Clinton’s comprehension of what Wikileaks does is even more dubious.

That obliviousness aside, the most ridiculous thing that Hillary Clinton blamed for her loss wasn’t Russia or Wikileaks. Her insistence that it’s the FBI’s fault is the most damning claim. She was caught committing a crime, one that public servants are repeatedly prosecuted for, and let off the hook because her last name is Clinton. Yet, according to Clinton, it’s not the fact that she committed those crimes that caused her loss, but the FBI revealing her crimes that did. This is Washington insider privilege at its worst. Hillary Clinton’s insistence that the rules don’t apply to her, and her refusal to accept responsibility, are why she lost. It’s why she will continue to lose.

Finally, let’s dismiss Hillary Clinton’s trite claim that she would have won the election if it were held a week early. Sure, the polls were showing her in the lead, but they were still showing her in the lead on November 7th. The polls were wrong from the onset and had a built in Democratic advantage all along. Every pollster assumed that Hillary would be able to count on a much larger share of Democratic voters than she was able to muster. They incorrectly believed that voters who were enthusiastic to vote for Barack Obama would be as enthusiastic to vote for Hillary Clinton. That was as fatal a flaw for their predictions as it was for the Clinton campaign’s aimless messaging strategy.

As long as Democrats tolerate Hillary Clinton as the leader of their party they will continue to lose elections. They can rant and rave and protest all they want but their party will not become any more appealing as long as its primary strategy is denial. Until they actually offer voters the “Hope and Change” that Barack Obama promised, and Donald Trump copied with his “Make America Great Again” knockoff, Democrats will be out of power. The blame game will never win them the votes they need to be anything but a sore-loser opposition party.

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