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Gary Johnson Summed Up Hillary In Four Words “She Is The Establishment”

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Politics is a nasty business. Every couple years we are reminded just how far down in the gutter the two main party candidates will go. The attack ads and language hurled across the aisle regularly make the news as ‘the new low’. But not every candidate stoops to that level. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are not going to be engaging in those types of attacks. Their criticisms are going to be reasoned and substantive. Although, that doesn’t mean they can’t be hard-hitting at the same time. Gary Johnson summed up Hillary Clinton in four words: “she is the establishment”.

As Johnson went on to explain in this short clip from a much longer Reason interview, nothing will change if Hillary is elected President. Well, not nothing. What is meant by that is that nothing will change for the better. The establishment will roll on unhindered. The change that libertarians want to see will not happen but rather the opposite. Government will get bigger instead of smaller and it will “try to do more”. The ‘government is the solution’ attitude of the past eight years will only get worse. There will be changes to the system that make it more intrusive in our lives instead of less.

Furthermore, Gary Johnson pointed out that Hillary “has been the architect of our foreign policy that has made things worse not better”. He brought up Syria and Libya as prime examples. Before the U.S. got involved in those countries they were stable. There wasn’t a massive jihadist insurgency that threatened the region. U.S. interventionism lead by Hillary Clinton is what created all of the problems that exist there now. If she were elected President each and every one of those problems would get even worse.

The only pro-peace candidate on the ballot in all fifty states is going to be Gary Johnson. He’s the only one that isn’t owned by the military industrial complex and doesn’t subscribe to the neoconservative foreign policy. The other two candidates will ensure that the U.S. is involved in more and more of these aimless interventions.

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