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Gary Johnson Goes For The Kill: “Donald Trump Cannot Win This Election”

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Donald Trump’s implosion is all but complete. Although he claims to be the one unshackled from the GOP, it is in fact Republicans who have been biting their tongues that are the truly free ones. Over a hundred elected Republicans have retracted their endorsements and/or called for the RNC to replace Trump on the ticket. Recent polls have shown Trump as low as 35% – three weeks from the election. It is all but over for the Republican nominee. Gary Johnson is right to say that Donald Trump cannot win this election.

Republicans are bailing en masse, but they aren’t warming to Hillary. Although, that isn’t the end of the road. The politically homeless can find refuge with another candidate on the ballot in all fifty states. Former two-term Republican Governor, and current Libertarian Presidential nominee, Gary Johnson wants them to know that he can stop Hillary Clinton with their support. The Governor released a short statement via Facebook after the most recent #TrumpTapes were released and numerous women came forward accusing Trump of sexual assault.

Donald Trump cannot win this election. If that wasn’t clear before, it is becoming crystal clear now.

It’s time for Republicans, and all Americans, to face that reality. And it’s time to reject the notion that he is the only option other than Hillary Clinton. Americans deserve better. Women deserve better.

It should be clear to all Republicans that Donald Trump cannot win the electoral college. The way things are going now, Trump will finish far under 270 electoral votes. He’ll win the red states, but there’s no chance that independents, moderates, or Democrats will go for him in blue states. There is a chance for Gary Johnson to win there though. The Governor is polling at 24% in New Mexico and in double digits in Colorado, Maine, and New Hampshire among others. Winning those states could be enough to keep Hillary down and throw the election into the House – but only if more Republicans join the cause.

This is both the politically and morally right thing to do to support Republican values. In a separate op-ed released by the Union Leader, Gary Johnson laid out what his platform offers Republicans. The Governor explained that his ticket has the experience and track record that both moderates and conservatives are looking for. Johnson was the Republican Governor of heavily Democratic New Mexico and has experience working with the other side. He also knows how to stand firm, and reject spending and tax increases. As Governor, he balanced the state’s budget without raising taxes a penny and is proposing to do the same with the Federal budget.

Furthermore, Gary Johnson actually has the character that the American people can trust with the highest office in the land. The Libertarian nominee isn’t a crony capitalist who used and abused government power as the other two parties’ nominees have throughout their lives. Nor is he a pathological liar that has deceived investors and the voting public. Gary Johnson has an impeccable business and public record free from any blemish. Painfully honest, he would be a President that every American could look up to and respect. That’s a threshold that the other two candidates just don’t meet – and never will.

Republicans need to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump cannot win. But, they still have a way to stop Hillary Clinton and see their values upheld. Republicans can vote for Gary Johnson with a clear conscience knowing that they are doing the right thing and it will make a difference.


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