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Gary Johnson Is Officially On The Ballot In All Fifty States

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Gary Johnson Is Officially On The Ballot In All Fifty States

It’s done. The battle for ballot access is over. Gary Johnson is officially on the ballot in all fifty states. He will be the only Presidential candidate on all fifty state ballots besides Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It is a major accomplishment for a third party candidate. Besides the Republicans and Democrats, no other party has managed the feat in twenty years. In fact, the last party to do so was the Libertarian Party in 1996. The ability to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures plays to the organizational ability of the Libertarian Party, and more so to the popularity of Gary Johnson.

Other third parties attempting to run a Presidential candidate this year will not be able to claim this mantle. The Green Party is likely to only secure ballot access in around forty six states but will be left off in major battleground states like North Carolina. The Constitution Party fares much worse and will probably only be on the ballot in about twenty five. That isn’t even enough to win the Electoral College. Delusional upstarts like Evan McMullin have only gotten on the ballot in about a dozen states – nowhere near electoral viability. None of those third parties will be a true third option for all Americans.

The final state to be certified was Rhode Island which was accomplished with more than twice the required signatures. With that last state in the bag, Gary Johnson is now the only Presidential candidate that will be on all fifty state ballots plus D.C. this year opposite the Republican and Democrat nominees. The Governor will be the only third option that every American has the opportunity of choosing. That is an important distinction to make given how hard the other parties are trying to prove that they’re viable. Try as they might, their candidates simply don’t meet Presidential muster, and their parties don’t qualify for true major party status.

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