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EXCLUSIVE: Bill Weld Releases Three Years Of His Income Tax Returns

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Only hours remain before election day voting begins in the 2016 Presidential race. It’s in these hours that campaigns try to squeeze out every last ounce of support and drive those voters to the polls. It’s also a chance for last minute appeals to undecideds struggling to make their final choice. For those Republicans who are still debating whether or not to vote for Donald Trump, the Johnson/Weld campaign is making a final attempt to win them over. Not with an attack, but an appeal to voters’ desire for transparency. Bill Weld released three years of his income tax returns in a show of good faith.


There was no real need for Bill Weld to make this part of his private life public. The election will soon be over and it’s unlikely this will have much of an effect. But, the desire to win over voters is not the only reason behind this move. Bill Weld released his tax returns because he believe it was the right thing to do. The former Governor believes in transparency and believes that the voters deserve this information. That earnestness, hopefully, will help convince a few last minute deciders. The Johnson/Weld campaign deserves to pick up some extra votes for an honest man who has gone above and beyond the requirements for a Vice-Presidential candidate.

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