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Election Do-Over Poll Shows Gary Johnson Voters Don’t Have Any Regrets

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It’s been nearly six months since the 2016 presidential election and Democrats are still in complete denial. They insist that the election was somehow stolen from them and that Hillary Clinton should have won. In the latest attempt to prove this point a poll was conducted asking who voters would support if the election was held again. Unfortunately for liberal apologists, Donald Trump still came out on top and would even win the popular vote this time around. Furthermore, Gary Johnson voters wouldn’t change their minds. In fact, even more voters would support Gary Johnson if the presidential election were held again.

According to this poll, the only voters who regretted their initial choice were those that supported Hillary Clinton. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the dearth of enthusiasm surrounding her campaign from the onset. Despite all of the efforts of her campaign staff, the candidate was never able to inspire any genuine support. Clinton simply relied on demonizing the other side and shaming independent voters with scare tactics. After those strategies failed, it makes sense that those who did cravenly support Hillary Clinton would want to go back and make a different choice. Many of those voters would support Gary Johnson if the election were held again.

Gary Johnson earned nearly four and a half million votes in the 2016 presidential election which was good for 3.28% of the vote. According to this election do-over poll, Gary Johnson would have gotten 5% of the vote if the people could recast their ballots. That’s more than a fifty percent increase compared to the actual results. This showing represents an increase of about two and a quarter million votes. It’s clear that those who voted for Gary Johnson have no regrets. In fact, his supporters so proud of their votes it appears they may have convinced their friends and family that they should have done the same.

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