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Don’t Blame Gary Johnson For President Trump, Blame These Three Things

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Here we go again. One of the two parties won, and the one that lost is going to blame the third parties. This time, Democrats are going to blame Libertarians for President Trump. They’ll say that if Libertarians had just voted for Hillary in swing states that would have been enough to swing the election. It wouldn’t have been. In many cases Gary Johnson actually shrunk the margin in Clinton’s favor. But that doesn’t matter. It’s simply just not a third party’s fault when one of the two parties loses. Don’t blame Gary Johnson for President Trump.

If Democrats are looking for someone to blame, they should blame Hillary Clinton. There’s more to it than that though. In fact, there are three main factors that Democrats can blame for President Trump, including themselves.

  1. Blame The DNC For Nominating A Candidate They Knew Was Flawed
    Democrats only have themselves to blame for ignoring the many obvious flaws with Hillary Clinton. They handed her the nomination no questions asked and never addressed those problems. The DNC and media rigged the nomination from the outset and never looked back. They never made Clinton actually address her scandals or come to terms with any of the issues people have with her. The Democrats just glossed over all of that, and focused solely on attacking the other side. It’s obvious now that the American people never got over those scandals, but that should have been obvious beforehand.
  2. Blame Democrats For Taking The Election For Granted
    In addition to her many scandals, Hillary Clinton is also to blame for her negative campaign strategy. She ran as the candidate who wasn’t Trump and spent the majority of her time attacking him, instead of defending herself and laying out her policies. Voters didn’t see a vision for the future, just a candidate trying to win by default. That isn’t enough. That doesn’t turn voters out, obviously.
    Five million less people voted this year compared to 2012. Obama also happened to win by about five million votes. Hillary Clinton took that Obama coalition for granted. She wrongly assumed she would inherit it just by winning the nomination. The Clinton campaign also took multiple states as givens. There wasn’t a day that went by where the media wasn’t talking about the “blue firewall” of rust belt states. The Democrats assumed far too much, and made true asses out of themselves.
  3. Blame Hillary Clinton For Being An Awful Candidate
    Think about it. Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat Donald Trump. She couldn’t beat the most flawed and disliked Republican nominee in history. She couldn’t beat the Republican nominee whose own party denounced him and withdrew their nominations. She couldn’t be the Republican nominee who got a million less votes that Mitt Romney in 2012. That says a lot more about her candidacy, than it does about Trump’s. In the end, the majority of the electorate didn’t see her as honest and trustworthy. Her scandals finally caught up with her. If there’s anyone to blame for President Trump, it’s Hillary Clinton.

If Democrats want to defeat President Trump in four years they’re going to have to come to terms with these issues. They can’t just blame third parties and pretend they don’t have to change. They can’t blame Gary Johnson for President Trump. It’s time for some serious introspection and reflection. It’s time for the Democrats to take responsibility for their actions.

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