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As A Prosecutor, Bill Weld Is “Vouching For” Clinton’s Case, Not Candidacy

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Put down the torches and pitchforks. Once again, something that Bill Weld has said about Hillary Clinton has been taken out of context. No, Bill Weld is not endorsing Hillary Clinton. No, Bill Weld is not voting for Hillary Clinton. No, Bill Weld is not telling other people to vote for Hillary Clinton. Bill Weld is, however, telling people his legal opinion on the FBI Director Jim Comey’s decision to send a letter to Congress a week before the election. As a former U.S. Attorney, and former head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, he is more than qualified to do so.

In Bill Weld’s legal opinion, it was against protocol for Director Comey to send a letter to Congress in such short proximity to the election. Furthermore, the letter itself was not of particular substance. Despite the headlines saying that Comey was “re-opening” the investigation, all the letter said was that the FBI had found additional emails that may pertain to the Clinton investigation. As Weld correctly points out, the FBI has not read the emails yet, and it will take weeks or months to complete this process. Therefore, it’s questionable to let Congress in on the matter when the FBI isn’t yet sure if its consequential.

Again, this is Governor Weld speaking as former U.S. Attorney and as head of the Criminal Division. He’s giving his legal opinion on the matter and “vouching for” Hillary Clinton’s case, not her candidacy. Politically speaking, and as Weld said during the interview with Maddow, he still thinks that the Libertarian ticket is best. Bill Weld is voting for his ticket, and still encouraging others to do the same. Even when pressed by Maddow on what swing state voters should do, Weld insisted they vote Libertarian.

Bill Weld has repeatedly been taken advantage of by the liberal media hanging on his every word. Numerous times they’ve insinuated that his attacks against Trump are a de facto endorsement of Clinton. It’s hard to say how many times this has happened, but each time, it proves false. Such is the case this time as well. Bill Weld is not endorsing Hillary Clinton. He was merely defending her case against what he views as impropriety on the behalf of the FBI. Bill Weld is more than experienced enough to make that judgement.

Furthermore, this charitable attitude towards his opponent isn’t out of step with previous comments Bill Weld has made. As an elder statesman, Weld is cut from a much different cloth than the crass candidates we are treated to today. He isn’t going to exploit his opponents scandals because he believes elections should be won on the issues. Throughout his political career he has gone out of his way to reconcile with the opposition after the fact. That’s done wonders to heal political divides. Bill Weld’s politeness is an undervalued asset in political discourse in this day and age. That way of thinking should be respected instead of derided.

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