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With 50 State Ballot Access, Gary Johnson Is The Only Third Party Option

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One of the biggest hurdles that third parties face when it comes to winning the election is ballot access. A century of the two party duopoly has resulted in extreme laws that make it incredibly difficult and costly for third parties to even appear as an option. As a result, most third parties are unable to get on the ballot in a majority of the states. Only the Libertarian Party will have managed to get on the ballot in all fifty. Thus, Gary Johnson is the only third party option with a legitimate chance of winning the election.

It is about winning. Sending a message is fine in any other year but we have a real chance to win this year. Polling in double digits five months from the election proves that the people want a third option. It proves they do not want to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But in order to win, we all have to band together.

While votes for other third parties may be just as principled they will not make a practical difference in the election. Even in 2012 the Libertarian Party received more votes than all of the other third parties combined. That election did not provide one tenth of the opportunity that has been gifted to us this time around. This time there is a real chance to break the two party stranglehold on politics in this country. A Libertarian Party victory will make all other parties victories possible in the future. But only if we can work together.

Those voting for the Green Party don’t agree with the Libertarian Party on every issue. But, they certainly have more in common with us than they do with corporatist Clinton. Gary Johnson is as fiercely pro-peace as their own nominee. Those considering the Constitution Party are in the same boat. Donald Trump has never once mentioned the Constitution whereas Johnson has governed by its limited government principles. Then there are independents who are scared of Trump and know Hillary is a crook. They want to vote for someone that’s an honest, experienced outsider and Gary Johnson is that man.

All of those voters do not agree with the Libertarian Party platform on every issue. Nonetheless, they should be able to see that Gary Johnson has something to offer them. In fact, he has a lot more to offer than the other two nominees. They’re just offering more of the same. With an independent coalition behind him, Gary Johnson has a legitimate chance of winning the election. Johnson will be on the ballot in all fifty states and serve as a true third choice for all Americans.

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