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Top Trump Surrogate Lt. Gen Michael Flynn Says Gary Johnson Should Be In Debates

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It’s hardly surprising that this short snippet of audio from Being Libertarian’s interview with Lt. General Michael Flynn has gone unnoticed til now. The site neglected to focus on the statement in their article covering the phone interview. Furthermore, their video with the man Trump once considered for Vice President has only received about a hundred views on YouTube. Despite that, this revelation is significant and deserves substantially more media coverage. For a top Trump surrogate like Lt. General Michael Flynn to say Gary Johnson should be in the Presidential debates is a major coup.

The General himself noted it was a break from the Trump campaign’s official talking points. When asked if Gary Johnson should be in the Presidential debate, Lt. General Flynn responded in the affirmative. He then acknowledged that “this is probably opposite to what folks on our side… would say”. Flynn also remarked that he didn’t personally think that Gary Johnson had a “legitimate shot at winning”. Although, that’s not what was important to the General. Instead, it was the idea that there were “issues that they could clearly bring up” that would “make for a more interesting [debate] and certainly a deeper level of conversation”.

Those comments were made before the first debate, but published over a week after, so the General didn’t know how right he would prove to be. The first debate was desperately lacking in substance and descended far below the level of discourse of debates previous. It would have been an entirely different event had there been a third voice on the stage offering some real contrast. Just having a third candidate to serve as a buffer between the other two would dramatically help limit the bickering. We might have actually seen the real conversation that Lt. General Michael Flynn was hoping for.

It’s not too late for that to happen. If Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s campaigns requested that Gary Johnson be in the Presidential debates the Commission would certainly make an exception. Hopefully more of their surrogates and senior campaign officials will echo Lt. General Michael Flynn’s sentiments. The American people deserve to hear the issues that Gary Johnson represents and the substantive discussion his presence would ensure.

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