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All Of Gary Johnson’s Best Tweets From The Second Presidential Debate

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Once again, the Commission on Presidential Debates subjected the American people to a charade. The Commission refused to include Gary Johnson and forced viewers to watch the two hated major party nominees in history remind the country why they are each so hated. It was a substance-less insult-fest that featured so much bickering many viewers probably forgot it was a townhall – where the attendees are supposed to be able to ask questions. There was some real debate off screen though. Gary Johnson live-tweeted during the debate and tried to inject some of his policies into the conversation. Here are all of Gary Johnson’s best tweets from the second Presidential Debate:

As you can see, this second Presidential Debate was just as frustrating for Gary Johnson as it was for the rest of America watching. We all despaired watching the two fight about their scandals instead of discussing policy proposals. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are as committed as ever to winning by default; i.e. winning by proving the other candidate is worse. That is the sad reality of the two party system. Several of Gary Johnson’s tweets reflected his disappointment with the debate and of that strategy.

Perhaps the most prophetic tweet was when Gary Johnson reminded Americans that if they vote for either of those two they will get four more years of this. If either Trump or Clinton wins, the other side will continue to attack them relentlessly for the duration of their term. The vicious partisanship will only get worse. The country will only get more and more divided as our problems continue to be ignored. That must be avoided. Fortunately, a vote for the honest, qualified alternative of Gary Johnson presents such a way out.

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