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Bill Maher Wants Gary Johnson To Get Into The Presidential Debates

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Despite some of his political differences with Gary Johnson, Bill Maher was gracious enough to have him on Real Time and he gave the Governor a fair shake. It was some of the most reasonable questioning that Johnson has had this year from the media. The two agree on a lot and that shone through during the introductory interview segment. You could see that there was a lot of common ground between the two on social issues. Bill Maher even appreciated Gary Johnson’s true fiscal conservatism when it came to reducing the bloated military budget. The talk went so well that at the end Bill Maher proclaimed he wanted to see Gary Johnson in the Presidential debates.

Although many may regard Bill Maher as a liberal partisan he often criticizes both sides of the aisle, albeit not evenly. In this very show’s opening monologue Maher laid into both Bill and Hillary Clinton on numerous occasions. There are plenty of issues that he sides with Gary Johnson on instead of Hillary Clinton first and foremost being the war on drugs. Whereas Clinton is an unrepentant drug warrior, Gary Johnson has been on the forefront of marijuana legalization advocacy. That’s what got the Governor invited on Bill Maher’s previous show Politically Incorrect over a decade ago.

It is for that reason and more that Bill Maher wants Gary Johnson to get into the Presidential debates. There needs to be that third voice on the stage talking about these issues that the two parties have ignored. Gary Johnson will be that third voice once he gets to fifteen percent in the national polls. With national media appearances like this, the Governor is getting his name out there and could see those numbers any week now.

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