Unlike Trump And Clinton, Gary Johnson Is Not A Political Opportunist

This Presidential race is filled with scandals of abuse of power, corruption, cronyism, all for the personal enrichment or the special interests of a certain group. Be that Donald Trump’s love for eminent domain for the expansion of his business interests or his rejection of free trade¬†for his nativist agenda,…

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Here’s Why Gary Johnson’s Poll Numbers Started Dipping In October

If you believe the mainstream media, then Gary Johnson’s poll numbers are dipping because of the incredible gotcha-journalism they’ve done this year. Ambushing the Governor with “What would you do about Aleppo?” after talking about domestic issues showed how brilliant journalists are and how uninformed the Libertarian nominee was (end…


‘Most Accurate Poll Of 2004, 2008, & 2012’ Still Has Gary Johnson At 8%

The traditional third party slump in October has finally happened. Gary Johnson has seen his Real Clear Politics average dip from a high of 9.2% on September 19th to the current low of 6% flat. Seeing the candidate’s polling average fall by a third may be concerning to some, but…


2016’s October Surprises Prove We Should Abolish Early Voting

This election year has been extraordinary in every way imaginable. The depths to which the two party candidates have gone to vilify¬†each other reached new lows. It’s also been a record year for October surprises. Trump’s taxes and Hillary’s emails have been released weeks from election day. The leakers hope…