Gary Johnson Owned Trump And Clinton On Twitter During The Debate

Everyone had their televisions tuned to the first Presidential debate last night but that wasn’t the only screen they had on. More and more people are using their phones while they watch and some use their laptops as well. While they watched the bickering on t.v., the first screen, they also…

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CNN Post-Debate Poll: Who Are You More Likely To Vote For Now? “NEITHER”

Many Gary Johnson supporters were worried that without a spot on the Presidential debate stage voters would be encouraged to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Although, according to one of the polls taken of voters who watched the debate, that wasn’t the case at all. CNN polled likely…

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Four Reasons Why Gary Johnson Should Be Let Into The Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates stuck with its arbitrary criteria and excluded Gary Johnson from the first Presidential Debate. They’ve condemned the American people to a substance-free screaming match wherein two candidates will compete to see which one can get away with the most fearmongering. It’s a disgrace. Worse still,…

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“A Vote For Gary Johnson Is A Vote For Gary Johnson”. Period.

Every four years the two parties get together, nominate two unappealing candidates for President, and tell the rest of us that’s who we have to vote for. Then they spread the propaganda that if you want to vote for someone else you’re wasting your vote. The truth is, if people ever want to stop that corrupt…