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Penn Jillette Explains His Libertarian View to Bill Maher

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Penn Jillette has become one of the standard bearers in the media for Libertarianism. He’s been able to transform his brilliant magic career into that of a television personality quite successfully. He’s also a kind and considerate person in real life and as such is friends with lots of people in the media he may disagree with. This has helped him gain exposure where other libertarians might not get it. Penn’s frequently on shows like Bill Maher’s Real Timethe former Piers Morgan Live, and other liberal shows explaining the libertarian beliefs of  self-ownership, non-violence, and limited government to nationwide audiences.

In this clip Penn Jillette explains what Libertarianism is and the minimum things you need to believe in to be a libertarian. Penn Jillette is a big tent libertarian and wants to include as many people as possible in the movement. That’s why he was so welcoming to Bill Maher when Maher admitted he only considered himself a libertarian because he was against marijuana prohibition.

Penn goes on to explain that libertarians believe in personal liberties and economic liberties at the same time we don’t choose one or the other. That’s why we often refer to libertarianism as the best of both parties. Penn also talked about how far libertarians will limit government by explaining that government should only be used for he would be willing to use violence for.

For example, Penn Jillette would not use government for public works projects like building libraries because the use of violence for political means is still theft. That’s what separates libertarians from other small government types. We want a much smaller government than they do. Overall, Penn comes across as intelligent and welcoming as ever and makes a great case for Libertarianism.

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