The Federal Drug Schedule Doesn’t Make Any Sense

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For some reason people always tend to think that when the government passes a law they’ve actually done some significant scientific study. People would especially hope that to be true for the Federal Drug Schedule. Unfortunately, this is almost never true even when it comes to the drug schedule.

When the government does study an issue they somehow always come to justify their original hypotheses. In other words, it’s not science they’re practicing because there’s no chance of them being proven wrong. It’s how the government continues to justify the prohibition of marijuana and other drugs that have significant medical applications or are only dangerous because of the drug war. It’s why marijuana is somehow considered a Schedule 1 drug even though it’s remarkably safe.

Prohibition is based on bad science because it’s done for the purpose of proving the government’s hypothesis that drugs should be illegal. People are given government grants and told what to prove and then they figure out a way to prove it. That’s not science. Those are the people that make hyperbolic claims like your brain on ecstasy is like a fried egg. Fortunately real drug facts like this graphic are easy to come by. Serious scientists don’t actually believe the government’s propaganda.

The Federal Drug Schedule is based on this same flawed science. Unfortunately, that schedule is the basis for all drug prohibition in the United States. It’s supposed to rank drugs Schedule 1-5 based on their medical potential and their potential for abuse. Schedule 1 Drugs are supposed to be the most dangerous and therefore are the most highly restricted and prohibited. They’re said to have no medical use and a high potential for abuse. It’s easy to see how unscientific the drug schedule is just by seeing that marijuana is somehow a Schedule 1 drug.

This rest of the graphic makes it even more clear. It’s obvious how completely random the government is when it makes things illegal. Their scientists didn’t include basic principles like the Therapeutic Ratio. That’s the ratio of effective doses over a potentially lethal dose; it determines a substance’s toxicity. Heroin has a ratio of 1/6 meaning it’s very toxic and is therefore a Schedule 1 Drug. But, then why is marijuana a Schedule 1 Drug? It’s impossible to overdose on marijuana, it’s therapeutic ratio is immeasurable because it’s so non-toxic.

Marijuana also has a high potential for medical use as is being proven in the two dozen states that have legalized medial marijuana. Although the states have made it legal it’s still difficult to do research on marijuana’s medial benefits because of the Federal Drug Schedule’s classification. If it were moved down just one rank to Schedule 2 it would be significantly easier.

As you can see, the Federal Drug Schedule isn’t built on the cutting edge science the government would have you believe it is. Some addictive or toxic drugs are legal and some drugs aren’t. Some medically useful drugs are legal and some drugs aren’t. It all depends on which politician gets which bill passed to benefit the paper industry, or the pharmaceutical industry, or the alcohol or tobacco industries.