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Here’s Why Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is Wrong

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why voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong

Voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong regardless of how people try to justify it. They call it pragmatic voting; voting for the slightly better of two candidates so you don’t get stuck with the worse one. But in the long term it isn’t pragmatic because the two parties know you’ll vote for the worst possible candidates if they’re just minutely  ‘better’. Candidate quality will continue to get worse if the parties don’t have to work for your vote. The two parties will continue to nominate the biggest government candidates possible and never listen to the minority. It’s exactly what has gotten us this far down.

Voting for the less of two evils gets us choices like McCain and Obama, or Romney and Obama. Choices where there isn’t any difference but the red or blue color schemes. There used to be substantial differences between the candidates in presidential races but in the past decade particularly, those have evaporated.

If you think it’s bad now, just keep voting for Republicans and Democrats and see where we end up in another decade. The image slightly exaggerates this, but we will end up with candidates like Bush and Clinton in 2016 if we keep voting for these political dynasties.

America was founded as a representative democracy specifically to avoid a political ruling class. Citizen government was supposed to let any and all participate, and keep career politicians out. If Bush and Clinton are nominated in 2016, voting for Gary Johnson again will never have been easier. Maybe if that happens Johnson will get that 5% of the vote libertarians need to get nationwide ballot access and public funding. That would be the only good outcome from that election, either Bush or Clinton winning is a loss for anyone that truly believes in small government.

Of course, the majority of the American people are still wrapped up in the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils. But, if the 1 million of us who already voted for Gary Johnson can each convince four of our friends to for him, he’ll get that 5%. It’s up to you.

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