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How To Deal With The Police

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how to deal with police


With the rapid growth of the police state over the past twenty years it’s more and more likely you’ll have to interact with a police officer. That’s where this infographic comes in to help you remember your rights and be prepared for that encounter. Most people used to be to go years at a time without ever coming into contact with the police state but that just isn’t possible anymore.

The police state has been growing for years because no one has been watching. Funding for the War on Drugs and the War on Terror has inflated their budgets beyond belief. The surplus military equipment from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also been assigned to municipal police departments. This isn’t funding or equipment that they need to do their jobs but they take it and use it regardless. It’s changed their purpose for the worse. They’re practically paramilitary forces now with their grenade launchers and armored personnel carriers.

The police are putting that money and equipment to use. Check points, stop and frisks, and traffic stops are at all time highs. That’s why it’s so important to know how to deal with the police. You will have to some day and you want to be prepared and know your rights. This is the perfect infographic on how to deal with the police because these are the four most common encounters people have with them.

Share it, bookmark it, download it, do it all. Just make sure you know your rights when the time comes. You don’t want to get stopped by the police state and have to put up with them violating your rights because you don’t know them. This infographic on how to deal with the police will definitely come in handy before you know it.

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