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The U.S. Will Have 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan Until 2016

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The U.S. Will Have 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan Until 2016

You heard that right. Obama’s decided to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan until 2016. It’s because he’s a anti-war Democrat that won the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh, wait that’s not right. Maybe it’s because he’s really a neo-conservative that’s followed George W. Bush’s foreign policy the past six years. Actually, it’s even worse than that. President Obama’s new timetable keeps troops in Afghanistan two years longer than Bush’s original timetable.

It’s not like these troops will be in a base out of harms way either. Sadly, over the 12 years the U.S. has occupied Afghanistan, there has only been one month with no U.S. combat deaths. Unfortunately that wasn’t the last month of our occupation, nor will this month be, not will even this year be. Depending on when in the year the final troops get to come home, Afghanistan could be over a 15 year war. That would surpass Vietnam and make Afghanistan America’s longest war.

So why is the Nobel Peace Prize winner extending America’s longest war? Politics of course. He wants to withdraw the last troops right before the November election in 2016 and throw that bone to whoever the Democrat nominee is. That way the Democrats can say they’ve ended the war in Afghanistan and drum up some good ol’ Bush hatred. It’s an incredibly disgusting political move to use peoples lives to win an election, but something that’s unfortunately not that unexpected. The government frequently covers things up to win an election, this isn’t that much different.

Of course, the damage the occupation will do to our country’s national security can’t be understated. Drones alone are creating new terrorists every day. They’re just killing more innocent women and children who’s husbands and fathers will join the Taliban. Those men will just wait until 2016 when the troops pull out before they re-take the Afghani government. They’ll try that regardless of whether we pull out now, or in ten years, they’ll just have more men in ten years. That’s why we should have exited the country as soon as possible, our occupation was doing nothing but creating more enemies.

But the interventionists and nation builders don’t believe that. They think we can kill ’em all, and more won’t show up. That’s pretty much been proven wrong already considering the military’s been there doing that for over a decade already. But, again, this really isn’t as much about foreign policy as it is about helping the Democrat nominee in 2016.

Hillary Clinton will get to say the Democrats pulled the last troops out of “Bush’s War” – even though she voted for it – and Afghanistan will be just stable enough for a few months so she can win the election. The strategy will be even more perfect if the nominee is Jeb Bush or another warhawk who says we should keep the troops there forever. If the Democrat runs against someone like Rand Paul who wants our troops out too, that strategy won’t work so well. Time will tell.

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