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Guess Who the Judge Wants to See Elected President in 2016

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The Judge has been making the talk show circuit recently promoting his new book Suicide Pact. It’s an in depth look at the history of presidential abuses of power in this country. Lots of people may think that executive orders and law breaking only started recently, but it’s actually been going on for quite some time.

The book starts all the way back with George Washington, and continues up to Barack Obama. Napolitano has already been on the Daily Show trying to convince Jon Stewart of the seriousness of unconstitutional presidential action. That went about as well as expected.

This time the Judge went on the Independents to preach to the choir about how important it is to restrict presidential power grabs. He mentioned some of the actions taken by Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Bush, and Obama that had been unconstitutional. Napolitano also stressed that even if a President doesn’t like a law, he has to enforce it. That’s based on his interpretation of the Oath of Office which states a President must enforce the laws faithfully.

The conversation got a little more interesting though when he mentioned who he thought could reverse the trend of ever-expanding presidential power. The Judge is a die-hard libertarian, and constitutionalist, and he immediately said that only a Rand Paul presidency would be able to reverse the trend. He also mentioned Ron Paul, but only to tie into the fact that both of the Pauls are strict constitutionalists first, and libertarians second.

Napolitano believes that Rand Paul would be the only Presidential candidate that would stick the the Constitution in 2016, and he’s probably right. You can only uphold the Constitution if you’re elected, and it appears that the Judge doesn’t think Gary Johnson can be. It’s unfortunate, but true, and a reality that libertarians are going to have to take into account when they cast their ballots in 2016.

Until now the Judge’s preference for 2016 had been understated, but he made it pretty clear in this interview that he wants Rand Paul to be President.

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