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Another Neo-Con Is Running for President, Mike Huckabee

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Here we go again, a Republican that already ran for President in the past is going to run again. This time it’s someone that ran in 2008 who’s going to run again in 2016. Neo-conservative and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who unsuccessfully ran for President in 2008, is going to run again in 2016. Sure, he hasn’t fully announced it yet, but why else would Huckabee resign from FOX News? Like Jeb Bush announcing his exploratory committee, these types of announcements are always followed a few months later with an official announcement.

The only reason Huckabee hasn’t officially declared he’s running for President is all of the FEC fundraising rules that come into play when it’s official. Most candidates do this sort of pre-announcement in order to rally their big donors and raise as much money as possible before their official announcement. That way they can collect all they want from all the banksters and keep it hidden from the FEC, and the public.

The next step for Huckabee is to see if the amount of money he’s raised will be enough to run again. If he gets enough money he’ll run; if he doesn’t he won’t. It’s that simple. That’s why he’s given himself a few months until the official announcement so he has plenty of time. The scary thing is he might actually get enough money to run again. That’s even though he ran for President seven years ago, and many younger Republicans won’t even recognize his name. Huckabee’s banking on the older Republican demographic anyway, those are the more conservative ones with the most outdated views.

For now, let’s skip all of Huckabee’s big government Republican positions, such as increasing spending, raising taxes, supporting a national smoking ban, opposing school choice, supporting ethanol subsidies, agriculture subsidies, opposing free trade agreements, and many more. Those are all positions that most conservatives would be opposed to, but might vote for Huckabee anyway. What will really kill Huckabee in the general election are his positions on social issues.

Younger Republicans, and libertarian Republicans should be quick to dismiss Huckabee because of how wrong he is about social issues. While the rest of the country has evolved, Huckabee is still against gay marriage even though it’s now legal in 35 states, in which 2/3rds of the U.S. population live. He even threatened to become an independent if the GOP changed their stance on gay marriage. Huckabee should become an independent, the GOP will have to change on that issue or they will become even more irrelevant. 52% of the American public now supports gay marriage, and that percentage continues to rise. It’s an issue that could easily lose the GOP the general election.

Huckabee is also against marijuana legalization, even though it is now legal in four states, and already legal medically in 23 states. That’s another social issue that he’s on the wrong side of – 58% of Americans now support legalizing marijuana. Unlike other Republicans who have wanted to end the drug war, and support federalism when it comes to marijuana legalization, he’s is stuck in the past once again. Huckabee is a big government Republican, and one that uses the excuse ‘It’s the law‘ to defend his archaic positions.

Hopefully Ron Paul’s libertarian influence on the Republican party will ensure that Huckabee doesn’t make it out of Iowa. Libertarian Republicans could never vote for a big government conservative like Mike Huckabee, and with luck they’ll be able to make a strong enough case against him. Huckabee announcing he’ll run for President is a final stab at relevancy in a party and country that have outgrown his views. Libertarians need to make sure that this run is the final nail in his coffin.

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