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Another Bush is Running For President

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Here we go again, another Bush is running for President. That’s a sentence that very few people ever wanted to say. It’s also something that millions of people are absolutely dreading the thought of. Even having another Bush run for President is a terrible step backwards for the country. There aren’t supposed to be political dynasties like that anymore.

It’s honestly really surprising that Jeb Bush is running for President. Sure, this is just the formation of Bush’s exploratory committee, but no one forms one of those unless they’re running. Really though, who would’ve thought that Jeb Bush would actually run for President given the terrible reputation that George W. Bush earned  for the family name?

There’s certainly been plenty of speculation around Jeb Bush running for President, but few people actually thought it was serious. The only unique trait he brings to the table is the fact he was the Governor of Florida, and that just shows how desperate Republicans are to win that state. It won’t even matter if they do though. The Bush name is ruined, for good. That alone will ensure his loss to Hillary Clinton in the rest of the battleground states.

So why is Jeb Bush even running for President then? He’s got to know the unpopularity of his own name, he’s surely got people to tell him that. George W. Bush was ranked the second worst President since World War 2, you just can’t escape that association. No matter how many times Jeb Bush says he isn’t George Bush, that color won’t fade.

Besides the fact that it’s just stupid for Jeb Bush to run for President, there’s the reality that he would be just as terrible as George W. Bush was. He’ll start another war, increase spending on the security and police states, double down on the drug war, and who knows what else. Those are all things libertarians should be afraid of.

If Jeb Bush is running, that means he thinks he has a shot at winning the primaries. That will only happen if the GOP shoves him down the throats of conservatives like they did with Mitt Romney and John McCain. That hasn’t worked the past two elections, but if the GOP wants to force another neo-con through, go right ahead. They’re just asking to lose this time.

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