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Libertarian Election Results 2014

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libertarian election results 2014

First of all, thank you to everyone that voted Libertarian this election! Libertarian election results as good as these don’t come without a lot of hard work from volunteers, and a lot of commitment from voters. We’ve made several gains in a multitude of states thanks to your help. Most importantly though, thank you to all the Libertarian candidates that sacrificed their time and resources to further the cause of liberty.

Libertarian candidates may not have won very many elections this year, but we’ve had some high percentage victories. In some states, that means we’ll get the ballot access we deserve for the next election. Guaranteed ballot access is important because it’s time and money that we won’t have to waste next time. Libertarians will be able to spend more time and money campaigning, and less time getting arbitrary signature counts.

These high percentage Libertarian election results also send a clear message to both of the two parties. Voting Libertarian tells them they won’t receive our consent, and will have to work harder if they ever want our votes. If they don’t, we’re more than happy to keep voting Libertarian. These Libertarian election results show just how many Americans are fed up with the two party system and want a third major party.

Highlights from the Libertarian Election Results:

Top Voter Percentage: Randall Lord from Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District with 26.56% (55,224 votes)

Runner Up: Lucas Overby from Florida’s 13th Congressional District with 24.75% (55,273 votes)

Top Vote Total: Adrian Wyllie for Governor of Florida with 222,565 votes (3.75% of the vote)

*Runner Up: Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General of Florida with 168,946 votes (2.9% of the vote)

*A previous version of this article listed Rebecca Paddock for Senator of Texas with 132,814 votes. After adding Statewide Elected Positions besides Governor, Mr. Wohlsifer has been named Runner Up.

Ballot Access: Hawaii, for winning more than 4% of the vote in all State Senate races. Maryland, for winning more than 1% in the Governor’s Race. Mississippi, for winning more than 2% of the vote in House elections. North Dakota, for winning more than 5% of the vote in a Statewide Race. Utah, for winning more than 2% in a Statewide office. Wisconsin, for receiving more than 1% of the vote in a Statewide Race. Wyoming, for winning more than 2% of the vote in the House election. Some of those wins are from State elections not listed below, but reported at Ballot Access News. More to come!

Libertarian Election Results:

All sourced from the AP through Google Elections and the New York Times as of 11 AM (PST) Nov. 5th. These are only the Federal Senate and House, and Governor and Statewide Position results. State Senate and Assembly Libertarian election results will come later.

(States and Races with no Libertarian candidates have been left out)

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